I have no time for reading books

This will not be a pleasant reading but a sincere revelation of the truth.

"What have we done to ourselves? What have we become? What is this world? "

I have been asking these very questions very often recently. When you stop for a moment and lift your head from your smartphones and tablets, you will see a digital world full of mummies who think they are living - but they actually aren´t.

People have become living mummies. I call them "Digitals". I myself used to be a Digital and I am currently on a rehab. You just need to get out and the Digitals will be everywhere around you. Recently, I went to one European city and I did not see any people around me, just the Digitals. 80% of them would be looking at their smartphones and tablets. They were chatting, skyping and browsing. They totally didn´t mind the fact that the purpose for which they came to this city completely disappeared between their fingers. There were beautiful buildings, architecture, food, art, and history around them but they were looking at the few thousand pixels they held in their hands.

Exactly these people, whose numbers are rising fast every day, are the ones who are telling me they have no time to read. But is it really true?

Who said that?

  • Who said I have to be 24 hours a day online?
  • Who said that if I don´t answer the message within 10 minutes, I am ignoring the other person?
  • Who said I have to pick up whenever someone calls?
  • Who said I have to prefer Facebook before a book?
  • Who said I have to check my smartphone every 5 minutes?
  • Why do I have to tell everyone where I am, who I am with and what I am doing right now?

Why did we start to give all our precious time to the Internet, social networks, chatting and television? Why did we replace the books with a promise of poor substitute of contact with the society?

Of course, these technologies can be used to our advantage, but admit it - how much time did they save and how much they stole from us?  I am going to return to the fact that you do not have time to read.

Do not baffle yourself or the one asking you - everyone has time to read a book. We don´t read just because we don´t want to. Leave the tales on how you don´t have time to read to your digital "me".

What would the Digitals say about not picking up a phone because you were reading a book all day? That you did not answer a facebook message for the whole weekend because you were reading some intriguing or informative literature?

Who would the Digitals see you as if you just decided not to pick up your phone all week?

Do you think the world would change?

It doesn´t matter!

It is your life, and you only decide what you will do with your time. It is up to you. You can read an interesting book in the morning for 20 minutes or you can unlock your smartphone and still with your eyes half asleep  to read for 20 minutes about what your acquaintances had for dinner and what they did yesterday.

What, however, will make a real positive difference in your life?

Author Note:
I do not claim to give up technology and stop using it. I myself use technology to do business, and many of you do the same. But do we have to spend almost all of our time on it? Really?