Why to write a book?

There are a lot of people who would like to write and publish a book. Nowadays makes it even easier for them. Through the Internet, we can publish books almost instantly. You can create a collaboration that will help you and take advantage of other technologies and ways we can say more about, for example, on this blog.

A long time has passed since the times when you wrote a book, and for months or years, you had to address publishers and ask them to publish it. Not anymore. That time is long gone. Every author who is about to write a book needs to know one crucial thing before writing the first letter. They must know WHY. You cannot do it without it. When the author does not know why they are writing, it is very likely that the book will end up undigested and dusty in a bucket or any of the folders on the computer. Nobody likes it, and therefore, it is necessary to avoid it immediately. So, to write, it’s important that you know why.

- What message is your book supposed to spread?
- Who do you want to influence by the book?
- Why do you think you should write that book yourself?
- What are your expectations?
- Do you just want to write a book or want to become a writer?
- How do you want people to perceive you?
- Why should people read your book?

These and many other questions that must be answered by each author before they write the first line. Otherwise, you get close to a disaster. J.R.R. Tolkien, a well-known author of books such as Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, The Sillmarion and others, wrote his books mostly for his children to tell them as the bedtime stories and make them happy. What has emerged is now known to everyone.

Stephen King loves writing and writes to engage and surprise his readers.

James Patterson, one of the best-selling authors of these days, writes his stories to give children and other readers the chance to experience adventures, and especially because he enjoys telling stories.

Anthony Robbins writes to change the lives of people for the better on every page. I write my books to give messages to the people. I want people to understand, after reading my books on personal development, that they can live their lives according to their dreams, and that they only need to learn to use them.

I am writing my books on fiction to give the people a message that is hidden in each book individually, and through the story of them gradually, I draw a link to their life as a sculptor. Every successful author, every successful writer knows why they write their books. It is a foundation that you must not neglect at any cost. It is so important that only this very foundation divides by a very rough line, the successful author of the unsuccessful.

By the way, you can be a writer or an author. In this book, I will address you as an author. Later, I will explain to you that the author and the writer are two different things. This is a huge difference, and I will consider it a success if you decide based on this book what you want to become.

Did you answer the questions I mentioned above? I believe you understand what is important and, before you decide to start writing, you will surely find your “why.”

If you’ve already started writing and you haven´t found your “why,” don’t worry. Try to answer this question now and see that your writing takes a completely different direction. I would very much like to decipher the basic questions in more detail, thus underlining their importance again.

More information about writing you will find in next my articles or in my book How you can start writing your book successfully available for free at this blog or on amazon.com.