How to wrestle the authors doubts?

There is probably no author who wouldn´t have doubts at some point. I think that doubting is our naturalness to a certain extent. Some precautionary measures so we won´t react in a rush.

Remember that every single author was once in the same place you are at now. It doesn´t matter whether you are an experienced writer or a beginner. Where you are now, someone else has already been before you, J. R. R. Tolkien, J. K. Rowling, Ernest Hemingway, or even Victor Hugo.

Imagine, it is almost certain, that Scott F. Fitzgerald sat in a dark room of his apartment one day over a blank paper and fought his doubts. Perhaps he had some terrible thoughts that he won´t be able to write anything, that he would have no idea of what to write about, he would disappoint as a writer and his name would be forgotten. These doubts might have lasted for several days, weeks or even months. But he was able to fight them, and made such amazing books such as The Great Gatsby or The Strange Case of Benjamin Button which were published from his pen. And, just maybe, these books were written thanks to his doubts.

How to wrestle with the doubts?

Don´t! Simply accept them and ignore them. Don´t give them any importance and just keep going. Don´t ask unnecessary questions like: "Is the story good? Isn´t it broken? Will anyone read it? Does it even make sense?" Simply work on your story or romance, and accept the doubts as part of your protection mechanism that helps you whenever you need a restart. Take the doubts as a driving force. Convert their apparent negative energy to the gasoline you put into the engine of your activity.

You may tell your doubts, "Great, I'm glad you came, but you can leave. Come when it's done. "Doubts are often coming when the party hasn´t even begun. When you have a blank paper and you want to know the answer to whether what you will write will achieve the desired success or not. Don´t you think it would be more sensible if you first finished everything and then gave the question some space?

When are the doubts worst?

I learned to take doubts as part of my work. I would say that having no doubts is more dangerous than having them. Doubts become devastating when you begin to attach importance to them though. Then they change from a harmless snowflake to an avalanche that can shake all your hope, security and joy.

Whenever you have doubts, remember this article and realize that you are the one who gives them power, and you are the one who can control them.