How to get your book to the readers?

Nowadays the world offers us a huge amount of technological benefits. Technological development has also hit the publishing industry to a great extent, making it easier for the authors to spread their word into the world. There are a number of different ways to publish your book without unnecessary extreme costs, as is the case in publishing a printed book.

Electronic books and the Internet were able to change the look of the book industry at once, much like the first functional printer in the 14th century. It is quite common today that on one day, the authors writes a book and a day later people can read it anywhere in the world. Without electronic books, we would probably never know many of today's most successful authors, such as Andy Weir - Martian, A.G. Riddle - The Trilogy of Mystery of Origin, and E.L. James - The Fifty Shades Trilogy.

Electronic books give us tremendous possibilities and work just like a huge megaphone that every author holds in their hands. However, you need to learn to work with this megaphone first.


I use an electronic platform that allows me to publish an e-book and offer it to my readers for free or for a small fee. There are plenty of platforms, and each one of you can choose the one that suits him most. Of course, you need to invest in such a platform first. 

However, the investment is extremely low compared to the cost of publishing a printed book. Abroad, the publication of e-books is much more widespread but even in our country, the initial rejection of this type of books is already being breached, and readers are increasingly confident in this format. Another advantage is the price of an electronic book, which is approximately 20-30% lower than a printed book.

You don´t have to offer your eBook only on your website. There are many sites where you can publish your book and offer it to a large community of readers for free. You will get the first readers who will evaluate your book and you will gradually build a reputation. If you don´t want to provide your e-book for free, you can contact a variety of e-book vendors and agree to sell your eBook on their platforms. In all these operations you don´t have to leave your chair.

The bonus is when you place a book on or other sites that have a huge base of eager readers.

Anyone will be able to read your book and who it will be only depends on how you work with your book on the marketing site which we'll explain in another article.