How do i write?

Many people think the writer simply sits behind the computer and writes the book without any help. But that does not work. Every author has to stimulate and support their creativity. How?

In particular, it begins with the subject. Before writing your book, it is more than necessary to write a subject that you will use along with the entire writing process. The subject is generally perceived as a source of inspiration. Its role is to prevent you from deviating too much from the main line of action and, in particular, to ensure that you have a point of reference that you can immediately and purposely use in the case of a writer's block.


In fiction, the narrative may be a simple and concise writing of the main storyline and the story idea. In my case, I use the subjects as followed;

- For simplicity, I write the whole plot from start to the end (1-2 pages maximum)

- I would like to point out the main theme / idea of the story (eg, saving your own daughter from death).

If you want to expand your subject, what I personally do for every story I write, I'll add some other tools that I later work with.

- I describe the main characteristics of each character (strengths, weaknesses, description, ...).

- I write a biography of the character (1-2 pages, especially what shaped the figure to who they are).

- I identify the main goal of the character and the main obstacle (which prevents them from achieving the goal).

During the writing process, everything is gradually getting involved in the story and my motivation helps me greatly. Whenever I jam somewhere, I open my mind, and on the basis of that, I find out how I can move the story further. The point is very helpful in checking whether you are too far from the main theme / idea of the book.

Educational literature

If you are devoted to the writing of educational literature, this subject will also help you greatly. How am I doing? I have written more than five books in the field of educational literature, and I have always had a subject.

In the case of writing educational literature, I proceed as follows.

- I write the main idea of the book (what do I want to share with the reader and why?).

- I outline the basic structure of the prepared book in points (preface, introduction, content, conclusion ...).

- I am focused on getting the reader in each chapter answered to three main questions (What? Why? How?)

- I explain the structure of each point (Point: Writing: Structure: Why to write? What to write? How to write?)

Subsequently, I try to expand each item and write it down gradually. This creates a book that is real, practical, and that keeps the subject.

You can always adjust your mind to suit your own needs. I think that the subject does not have a clear structure and serves primarily as an aid to the author, so you should prepare it so that it really serves you in this way.

If you have any questions about the subject, I would like you to put them in the comments section below this article.