Do you want to be a writer? What to prepare for

Writing a book is the dream of a huge mass of people. The life of a successful writer is very tempting for many. They imagine them lying on a beach with a drink by their hand and a laptop on their knees, working on a book to make thousands of euros. In many cases, they are right. But how does it look like in the world of those writers who didn't write a story about Harry Potter or Robert Langdon?

The truth is that a writer's work is a solitary activity where your best friend is a pizza delivery guy and a dog who listens to your thoughts, even though he will never read your book. Well, I am exaggerating. It is not that melancholic. In any case, however, the fact remains that it is lonely work. You are an author, and no one will write your book for you. This is why it is necessary to spend a good time alone, just with your thoughts and a computer. 80% of employed people are likely to get up every morning, dress up and go to work where they spend at least 8-12 hours. A writer gets up in the morning and can stay in their pajamas, spending hours writing, thinking, considering, rewriting and verifying. For an employed person, it is in many cases a beautiful idea, but the fact is that many of those who have tried are better back to work. Well, not everyone can be a writer.

Being a writer means to be a person with a large dose of restraint, purposefulness and relentless patience. 80% of people fail at the first point. This job has some "pros" but also "cons," and that is why it is not for everyone. Like all other jobs, a writer must first go through a phase when they learn the main traditions of his craft and learns about their own mistakes and failures. After all, the greatest writers have gone through the same. Countless refusals of today's famous writers only prove this. As I mentioned, J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books. They were refused a several dozen times before they released the first book. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen addressed over 100 publishers with a request to release their book, The Chicken Soup for the Soul, and were repeatedly denied. Here we come to the next enormously important qualities of the writer, and that is perseverance. Without endurance, they won´t be successful writers. Let's summarize it. 

What are the most important features of a writer?

- Restraint
- purposefulness

- Patience

Other features are based on what you are writing. Are you writing a story, teaching book, an Interview? The writer must be able to adapt to merit to a great extent. According to what they write, they must be able to determine their course. Otherwise, fiction is approached, and otherwise, an encyclopedy is proposed. This is a topic for another article.

Want to be a writer? What do you need to prepare for?

- The loneliness and the endless hours spent with the computer while sweeping the blank pages.
- The number of writer blocks that will try to prevent you from working.
- Doubts that will come to you every day in order to distort your faith in yourself and your work.
- Objective and non-objective criticism.

But also:

- The joy of every written page.
- Possibility to live according to your own rules.
- Love for the final product.
- An amazing feeling of success that only your readers can give you.
- The enthusiasm of your link.
- A feeling of freedom and freedom of being able to work from anywhere in the world.

The life of a writer can be filled with distress, but also with joy. It's up to everyone what they make it like. I may not have explained writing and author´s life in the best light, but for every novice writer, it is necessary to know what it is like. If you want to do a great deal, it's not easy in any vocation, and it's just the beginning that is where 80% of people stop. Access your work with faith, but do not expect the world immediately to fall to your feet. Keep in mind that "A drop moves a stone not by force, but by frequent crash."