Why to grab a book?

If you told me as a 10-year-old boy that I will read books in the future, I would´ve laughed at you. If you told me at 15 that my business would be based on them, I would laugh even more. If you told me in my 20’s that I will write books in the future, I wouldn´t probably have laughed but I would certainly think you were on drugs. But life shows us constantly that it is the master of surprises and that was exactly my case. Now I can responsibly say that the books changed my life.

A book is one of the few things that has gone through centuries in its original form. It has become, as I very much call it, a quiet companion of a man. It can change lives by literally snapping a finger. Did you know that if an average person spent reading professional books half the time they devoted to television, They would become a professional in their field within five years, and the market would reward them with royalties?

When I hear someone saying they have a problem they are unable to solve, I immediately ask why they talk about their problems instead of reading a book on that topic to find the answer and solve the problem. Albert Einstein said that we cannot solve any problem at the same level of consciousness. We always have to get out of the problem, get educated, then re-enter it and resolve it with new knowledge. Education by reading the right books is most effective in this way.

There are many kinds of books. Some have content that can negatively affect us, but as well as in life, everyone has a choice. You can choose to read books that will help, teach you, entertain you, or books that make you angry, nasty or stop you from moving forward. The ability of a person to choose information and to influence them is individual, and I don´t deny that a seemingly harmless book can, if it so permits, affect the person negatively. An example can be the religious books that affect someone very positively and others extremely negatively.

People who don´t read are in most cases stuck in one place for a long time.

I always feel very much sorry when I hear someone telling me they have no time to read. It is very sad because everyone can find time for television, TV shows, cinema or the internet. It is hypocritical and people only hurt themselves. Do you want to say that you don´t have time to read one page a day? Come on ... Let it be anything, books give us inspiration, change us, educate and in many ways determine the way of our lives. Reading makes us better people, complements our outlook, stimulates our actions, supports our imagination, gives faith in ourselves and more of the good. You certainly have heard the statement "You change yourself, you will change the world." And to change yourself is the most effective and controlled by just reading. Nowadays, you can even read, and you don´t have to read at all. Through audiobooks, you can listen to hundreds or thousands of books. Ideal for people who make excuses of not having the time or having bad eyes.

Make your life better by reading. You deserve it. Your life deserves it. Open the door to the world of new knowledge and fantasies that give you a new impulse to life.

And what about you? Do you like reading? What Books? How often? I would be very happy to read your comments. :)